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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Legacy, part 2

          In my previous blog I began to list some ideas of praying for grandchildren - or others - by using the fruit of the spirit.  These were developed by Lillian Ann Penner in her book "Grandparenting with a Purpose" by Redemption Press.  I would suggest that you purchase a copy of this book for many great ideas on providing a godly legacy for your family.  Now let me continue with six more sets of prayer ideas.

4.  PATIENCE - Patience is the capacity to be patient, showing self-control, or bearing pain or trials without complaining.  It is being calm, steadfast, and persevering, even while waiting.
*  Ask God to grant patience in the hearts of our grandchildren, as He refines them to become all He wants them to be.
*  Pray for them to have patience when waiting for God to answer their prayers because very often their timing is not God's timing.
*  Pray that they will learn to be patient and tolerant with their family members and friends.

5.  KINDNESS - Kindness is having compassion and sympathy, being gentle, thoughtful, considerate, and helpful.
*  Pray for your grandchildren to choose to sow seeds of kindness, since kindness is a deliberate action.
*  Pray they will look for places to plant seeds in random acts of kindness.
*  Pray they will be kind, thoughtful, considerate and helpful with family members and with their friends and classmates.

6.  GOODNESS - Goodness is being kind, friendly, well behaved, admirable, honest, sincere and of reliable character.
*  Pray your grandchildren will choose to have goodness in their hearts.
*  Pray your grandchildren will sow seeds of goodness to others.
*  Pray your grandchildren will be well behaved and of reliable character.

7.  FAITHFULNESS - Faithfulness is being true, real, loyal, trustworthy, reliable and committed.
*  Pray your grandchildren will see God's faithfulness to them and grow strong in their spiritual loves.
*  Pray they will be able to place their complete trust in God.
*  Pray they will be dependable, reliable, loyal and trustworthy and do what is right.

8.  GENTLENESS - To be gentle one is tenderhearted, calm, kind, quiet, peaceful and well mannered.
*  Pray your grandchild will have a tender heart with a gentle spirit.
*  Pray your grandchild will have a calm, peaceful spirit and be well mannered.
*  Pray they will be considerate of the feelings and needs of others.

9.  SELF-CONTROL - To have self-control one needs to have self-discipline, willpower, restraint, and the ability to control one's own behavior, especially in reactions and impulses.
*  Pray our grandchildren will desire a heart of self-control.
*  Pray they will learn to control their behavior and their tongues.
*  Pray they will recognize when Satan is tempting them and wants to steal their hearts.
*  Pray they will use self-discipline to stand firm in the Lord.

Now that is a very comprehensive list of things to pray for.  I am trying to incorporate these ideas into my prayer life, not only for my grandchildren but also for my own life.  I would encourage you to do the same.  

Thank you Lillian Ann Penner for developing and sharing these important suggestions.

("Grandparenting with a Purpose", by Lillian Ann Penner, Redemption Press, 2010)

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