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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Here We Go Again

Dr. David Fuchs
         Life is full of changes and the older we get the more we seem to face.  Some of the difficult changes that we face during our lifetimes come when people who have served us well decide to retire.  We miss them and the wisdom and support which they have provided us over the years.  Good replacements are usually hard to find.

         One of the first times we faced that problem was when our first family doctor, Dr. Richard Bryson, decided to retire because of a heart problem.  When our kids were growing up we depended upon him for their care.  It seemed that he was always available, at all hours of the day and night, and he went out of his way to help us and care for us.
         Years later it was another doctor, Dr. Robert Stengle, who became our family doctor only to be struck with cancer.  One Monday morning we called his office for an appointment and, through her tears, the nurse told us that he had just announced that he was suddenly closing his practice because he was just diagnosed with cancer.  Later, in a time of remission, he returned to our new family practice at Oyster Point where he served until he passed away a few years later.
         Good plumbers who are also inexpensive and honest are also hard to find.  For many years the Rice Brothers took care of us.  They were crude, but they were good and were not nearly as expensive as other plumbers.  Among so many other things, they hooked us up to LASA, the new sewer system, when we were forced to hook up and could barely afford to do so.  We missed them when they retired.
         A good auto mechanic who is honest and doesn't overcharge is also a special person.  For many years Bill Miller kept our cars running for us.  He would help us quickly when we needed repair work done.  He was fair and honest.  His retirement was hard for us to handle and we have never really been able to replace him to our full satisfaction.
         For most of our married lives we bought all of our cars from a high school classmate and friend of mine, Glenn Zartman, in Lititz. He owned the former Zartman's Dodge. Glenn understood our needs and our financial situation, especially during our time of ministry, and he would shop to find the right car for us. He often even left us use the car for several days to make sure it met our needs.  I never had to bargain with him over price for he always gave me the best price he could, immediately.  And he stood behind everything he sold to us.  Then a few years ago he sold the business and retired.  Where do you find an honest and fair car salesman?
         Now it is happening again.  Sadly, on December 30, another longtime family doctor, Dr. David Fuchs, is retiring.  Dr. Fuchs established the Oyster Point Family Practice in 1985.  After Dr. Stengel's initial retirement, we began to go to Oyster Point.  Soon we learned that Dr. Fuchs was an exceptional family doctor and we began to see him.
         In recent years I have had countless physical problems and have relied completely on him to treat me or to send me to outstanding specialists.  I may have been his most frequent patient over the last number of years.  He has always been compassionate and has become a real friend.  He is wise with a wealth of experience, especially in dealing with older patients like us.  He has done so many favors for us such as working us into his schedule when he was really full, corresponding by e-mail when other doctors have been reluctant to do so, providing us with samples when he could, and referring us to good specialists when needed.
         One of his special strengths was how he seemed to stay on schedule without rushing you during your appointment.  Rarely have we waited more than five minutes to see him.  I don't understand why other doctors can't be this organized and thoughtful.  Unfortunately, many other doctors have kept us waiting 30 minutes and sometimes longer to see them.  And the doctor that I have often used as my back-up when Dr. Fuchs was away is also retiring this week.  Double whammy!
         This will be one of the more difficult adjustments that we have had to make.  He knew us and our conditions.  He treated us fairly and warmly.  And in recent years we have needed much more medical advice than ever before. We are already missing him as I am again struggling with some challenging physical problems and already miss his wisdom and advice.
      But he deserves to retire and hopefully live a much more normal life.  And so I thank him for all his care and friendship and wish for him the very best in his future.
     And for us, life will go on, but it just won't seem the same.  We will adjust once again. And, fortunately, the Lord never retires or goes on vacation. He never changes.  He is always there when we need Him and He always will be.  And in Him we have placed our trust and our hope.  What a great God we serve.

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