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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Older Than Dirt?

          Nobody wants to admit that they are getting old.  We all like to think that we are still young, younger than we really are.  But sometimes when we try to do some of the physical things that we used to be able to do, we know that we are aging.  People say that you are only as old as you think you are.  But often our bodies betray our thinking.
          Now I do admire those seniors who still have physical strength and stamina and can win or at least compete in the Senior Games  I admire those whose minds are still sharp and can remember names and dates from long ago.  I admire those who are still very active and look much younger than they really are.  The Lord does bless some with those characteristics.  But then there are the rest of us who, no matter what we think or try to do must recognize that the days of our youth are gone forever.  Now many of us enter a new stage of life where we can do different  important things and still lead very useful lives.
          One way to see how old you really are is to take a test.  So let's see how you really do on what is called the "Older Than Dirt Test".  In the following list you are to count all the ones that you remember -  NOT the ones you were told about!  I dare you to give it a try.  By the way, if your brain can't handle the arithmetic, feel free to keep count using your fingers and toes or a calculator.  Good luck!

1.     Blackjack chewing gum
          (I sure would enjoy some again)
2.     Wax Coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water
          (As a kid who worried about sugar content?)
3.     Candy cigarettes
          (They were a no no in our house)
4.     Soda pop machines that dispensed bottles
5.     Coffee shops with table side jukeboxes
6.     Home milk delivery in glass bottles with cardboard stoppers
          (Our former milkman, Al Charles, recently graduated to
7.     Party Telephone Lines
          (How did we ever live with these?)
8.    Newsreels before the movie
          (Actually we didn't attend movies when I was growing up)
9.     P. F. Flyers
10.   Butch wax
11.  Telephone numbers with a word prefix (Olive 4 - 6933)
          (Ours was MAdison and in Sunbury it was ATlantic)
12.   Peashooters
13.   Howdy Doody
          (Clarabelle, Princess Summerfallwinterspring, Mister Bluster,
          Buffalo Bob and friends)
14.  45 RPM records
          (i still have many of these.  Where can I sell them?)
15.  S&H Green Stamps
16.  Hi-fi's
17.  Metal ice trays with lever
18.  Mimeograph paper
19.  Blue flashbulb
20.  Packards and Hudsons
21.  Roller skate keys
22.  Cork popguns
23.  Drive-ins
         (Movies or fast food?)
24. Studebakers
25. Wash tub wringers

So here is your scoring sheet.  Be honest!  
* 0-5 = You're still young
* 6-10 = You are getting older
* 11-15 = Don't tell your age
* 16-25 = You're older than dirt!

         Now I will admit that I am older than dirt.  I guess it is good that I still remember a few things from my youth.  Now if only I could remember what happened yesterday.
         Keep a youthful attitude but also remember that there are many advantages to growing older - like senior citizen discounts.

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